Holiday pounds and laziness…how to stop both!

The holidays can be stressful. Everywhere you look people are bringing in some sort of sweet snack to eat. People are baking up a storm and using these lovely tasty treats as a thank you, a kind gesture or even a good deed for people in need. People also love to cook during the holidays. It just brings out the best in people! All this good food and sweet treats can taste amazing! It WILL also put on the lbs FAST! It can be very difficult during these times to control yourself and not overeat. A lot of us will talk ourselves into more than we should have simply by saying…I will start my new years program after the holidays. Well, when we do that we put ourselves in such a hole that it makes it very difficult to get ourselves out. Who has ever said or heard someone say…New year, new me! The new you is going to be 8-10 pounds heavier if you don’t control yourself during this great time of year! I wanted to share with you some suggestions and some of the things that I have been trying to do to keep those holiday pounds from creeping up!

Stay on schedule with your routine during the week:

It is very easy to get off track during the holidays. For some reason we feel we have to much to do and other things are more important. If you have a normal routine try to continue that same routine. If you do a certain thing for breakfast each day continue that. Stay on task with your meal prepping. Don’t rely on what your office worker said they would bring in for the office to eat the next day or the whole week for that matter. If you have an exercise routine that you normally do stick with it, don’t put it to the side because you feel you don’t have time. You always have time you just have to prioritize!

Show some will power…say no to those office cookies:

I know it can be very tempting every time you walk past the break room you see those sweet treats starring you in the face saying “Eat Me Please!” You think to yourself I will just have one..two…three…four…and pretty soon you have eaten a bakers dozen of cookies and you have a stomach ache! I have seen it first hand because I have been that person. It’s okay to have 1 or 2 cookies, but stuffing your face because you have no self control is just unacceptable. What I try and do is have a snack of my own that is going to give me that sweet tooth craving, but not slap on an extra pound or two. I put dark chocolate in my bag and have some of that when I get a craving to snack on baked goods. Make sure it’s at least 70% cocoa, I like the 85%.

Be smart when it comes to holiday parties: 

We all love going to holiday parties! It’s a great time to get together with friends and family to celebrate, catch up on what has gone on this year and of course eat! Usually when you go to parties there are a lot of different options to choose from. Big spreads of food like a buffet line are set up and everything just looks amazing! But if you aren’t careful the scale will not look so pretty the next morning. I suggest to control the portions that you eat. Don’t just shove everything on your plate that you see. We all deserve to indulge every now and then, but most people decide to overindulge and then they pay for it. If there are vegetables to eat I would load up on those first, then you can get some other foods that you might not always eat. Again, try not to eat a lot of sweets. Water is always your friend in these situations as well.

Drink lots of water:

Even outside of the holidays we should drink half our body weight in ounces of water per day. During the holidays, it’s no different. We need to be hydrated to control how we eat, how we function and how we think. Also, a lot of the times that we think we are hungry we are actually thirsty. So drink lots of water, but don’t be afraid to drink a few adult beverages as well. After all we have to enjoy ourselves form time to time.

Make time to work out:

This is a big one here! Make time to work out. Don’t use the excuse of the holidays that you can’t go to the gym, turn on that Shaun T insanity video or walk outside. It’s all about staying on track as I said in my first suggestion. And if you put in an extra workout you can have just a few more cookies…maybe!


Be smart with your alcohol intake:

We all like to let loose during the holiday season. After all it is the season of enjoying one another as well as celebrating. Those that do drink a few adult beverages need to be careful on how many they have. Alcohol can pack on the pounds as much as those holiday cookies so just be practical and aware of how many that you decide to drink. If all else fails drink water!

Don’t wait until after the holidays or use the excuse that you are too busy to care about your health. Start now and as the new year approaches you will already be a step ahead of where you want to be!

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