Even Physical Therapists need treated…

Last year after a long baseball tournament season for my son I started to notice I had pain in my right foot. I wore spikes most of the summer and into the fall and I just attributed it to that. My pain had started to go away, but after playing in the “Turkey Bowl” during Thanksgiving I continued to have pain. I again had the same spikes on…you think I would have learned. Well, I finally started to treat myself at work. Since I am the only PT in my clinic I had to do things myself. I did a lot of the same exercises and self stretching techniques I give to my patients. I also decided to try some arch taping and that really seemed to help me. After about 6 weeks my pain had subsided and I felt back to normal. At least I thought it did!
I have been running for part of my exercise routine for about 8-10 years. At the end of last year right around the time my foot started to feel better I decided to up my running throughout the week. I would go to the gym and start out my workout with a 2 mile run then strength train. This was 4 days a week. On my off days I would do 2-3 mile runs. The only day I didn’t do anything was Sunday. My foot felt great! I had no problems or pain. Spring came and baseball began. I decided to buy new spikes! The season lasted until just a few weeks ago.. My foot had minor problems throughout the summer, but never got to the point it was the year before. Until 4 weeks ago… 

My foot was killing me all of a sudden! I really did not have a reason for the pain. I had new spikes all summer and they never bothered me. This pain was different. To not get too clinical my foot hurt across the top from where my arch is at it’s highest, to the other side. The top middle portion hurt the worst. I don’t know about other Physical Therapists, but when it comes to my own body I, for some reason forget how to diagnose! For some reason when I have something wrong with me I decide I have no clinical knowledge and I can’t think logical! It is very frustrating! So I decide to start treating it again, but this time it was not helping. I did a lot of the same things to it that I did before, but I had very little success. I even tried taping it again and it only helped for a short while. So now I feel like I have a serious problem! Everything was going through my mind. Do I have a stress fracture? Did I tear a ligament? Do I have Arthritis? I felt like an old man when I got out of bed in the morning, and if there would have been a fire I would have had a hell of a time getting out of the house. So many things crossed my mind. It was also affecting me with regular activities. Catching football with my son, running after my daughter, walking around the yard to weed eat was sometimes a challenge. I decided it was time…time to get a consult from a specialist. Now, I will say that I exhausted all options before I called to make an appointment. I felt that I had it under control, and for the most part I did. I just needed that extra person to confirm what was wrong with me.  

I made the appointment for this past Friday. I will say that their costumer service at the front desk leaves a lot to be desired. At my clinic, we are very receptive to all patients, especially new patients when they come through the door. So now I’m even more skeptical thinking I made the wrong decision to get another opinion. Now of course that day was a great foot day for me and I had very little pain or irritation, but I still thought it would be good to get it checked out. I got X-rays done and went and waited for the doctor. She came in and thankfully I did not have a fracture! Well that’s great! Why can’t I figure out what is wrong with me? We talked about my profession and what I had thought was going on. We came to a happy medium and she thought the best thing for me was custom orthotics. I didn’t have a fracture, or a torn ligament or arthritis. From everything that I had been doing in the past year and a half had taken a toll on my foot. If I would have just listened to my body and reviewed my activity over the past year I probably would have came up with the same conclusion. I really do lose my mind when something is wrong with me.  

So there you have it! We can’t figure out everything, and it was a lesson I had to learn on my own. I was just being stubborn like most of my patients! I do feel that going through these steps helped me understand what a patient goes through. Even Physical Therapists need treated now and again! 


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