I push you because I care!

Being a Physical Therapist for the past 12 years has been a blast! It’s also had it’s challenges. You go from having the most motivated patient, who wants to get better so badly that they go above and beyond what they need to. Then you have the complete opposite in a patient that feels that you are too hard on them and decide to give up. I love pushing people to their full potential. I love helping patients see what they can accomplish! It’s part of my job to make sure I get the most out of you as a patient. Can you imagine what it would be like if you came to physical therapy and it was like a spa treatment? Let’s just order what we want off of the menu today. This isn’t Panera Bread! I don’t have asiago cheese bagels, which are my favorite! I get these questions all the time…I just want to get worked on today! Can I just get some electric stim and a massage today? I am short on time so can I skip my exercises today? I worked all day today so I don’t have to push it as hard today right? WRONG!!!! I am here for a lot of different reasons. I am here to get you back to activities that are limited due to a problem that you are having. Whether it’s an injury, surgery, decreased mobility, pain, difficulty walking, weakness…whatever. I’m here to get you back to what you are unable to do, even if that requires pushing you to your breaking point!

I am currently seeing a patient who had to have surgery to repair a broken femur ( thigh bone). Consiquently he now has incredible nerve pain in his foot. The pain is so bad that almost every movement he makes causes his foot to throb. Just simple movements such as bending his knee cause the pain to be so severe he almost cries. His favorite position is lying on his right side. He drinks a lot of water during his treatment as a soothing mechanism. So in turn he has to use the bathroom…a lot! This interferes with treatment becuase in mid exercise he has to run to the restroom. My student I am currently mentoring is overseeing his treatment and she has had to be very conservative with him to this point. Just yesterday I noticed that he was not cooporating with any treatment techniques she was trying to do. It was like he did not care, but was also visably in some pain and didn’t even want to try. I decided to step in because I felt it was a good teaching moment for her. I proceeded to explain to him what we had to do in order to gain any motion in his knee as well as being able to walk again. So you know what I did? I MADE HIM WORK! I had him do everything for me without getting up off of the table. I pushed him HARD! He had not been pushed in the 2 or 3 weeks he had been coming here and it was time. After all of his exercises were complete I had him stand a few minutes on his foot. Even though he was in pain, I had him do it. And the reason is because that is my job! He left the office pissed off at me and he moved on his crutches the fasted I had ever seen him move, but I knew that I did my job! I’m not sure if he will return for future visits, but if he does I will push him again.

If I don’t push my patients to excel then who the hell is going to do it? That’s what I am here for. I’m not here to be your massage therapist, or your menu that you just do what you want with. I am here to push you to your potential. I am here to get the best out of you. I am here to help you get back to golfing, being a parent, working out, running, driving, playing with your grandkids! I push you to your limits because I care!

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