You have to start somewhere!

Your at home trying to get a million things done at one time. You are cleaning, entertaining your kids, doing laundry and cooking. The washer beeps that it’s done and you go running to change it and trip…ouch! You break your ankle! You get surgery the next day and now your busy life is put on hold. How many people can relate to this? This happens a lot. People are so busy that they are trying to get too much done at one time and end up getting hurt.

Now the long road to recovery starts with Physical Therapy! Usually when a patient with this particular injury comes in they are not putting weight in their ankle, they are in a boot and they are miserable! Look, I get it! I can totally understand how your life just went from being in 3 places at once and never sitting down, to not being able to do anything but sit and sit some more! Now you take your boot off to get evaluated and it’s swollen, it hurts, it’s ugly and it smells really bad! You are asked to move it and you can’t do it very well and everything just hurts! Now your pissed off and sad! I see this so much and I would be feeling the same way, but you have to start somewhere!

Your not going to get all your motion back in 1 visit! And you are not going to be walking on your foot anytime soon! This is when I put on my other hat as a PT! Now I’m part PT and part counselor. I talk people through things more often than not. Sometimes people just want to be listened to and heard. Sometimes people just need that extra guidance and motivation to get them going. I always tell them today will better than tomorrow ! Each day will get better, but you have to start somewhere!


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