Your body VS. Your car?

Have you ever had an issue with your car? That’s a really dumb question right? I think that the majority of people in this world can say at one point or another they have had a problem with their car. Whether it’s a general wear and tear issue, an accident, a flat tire or whatever. Well then, let me ask you this…what did you do when you had that problem? You got it fixed right? Pretty much no questions asked right? You had to because that is your source for transportation. It gets you from point A to B. It’s how you get back and forth to work. It’s how you get your kids to all the sporting events that they go to. It’s how you take your elderly parent to dialysis. The list goes on and on!

Now, Let me ask you these questions…have you ever had a problem with your body that prevented you from doing something? Have you ever had pain that was limiting you from an activity or work? Have you ever injured yourself? I’m sure that just about every person reading this can relate to one of these questions. Chances are that you have had similar problems. You sprained your ankle working out, or you woke up with lower back pain and have no clue why. You were lifting up your child or grandchild  and you felt a pop in your shoulder! What did you do after this happened? The majority of people wait to see if it goes away. They wait and wait all while living in agony or making it worse by doing things that they shouldn’t. Now what would happen if you did that with your car? I hear a funny noise…I will wait a few weeks to see if it goes away. NO WAY!

My next question has baffled me for my entire 11 year career. Why do we care so much more about our cars than our bodies? It is a great question and one that has to be thought of carefully. Why is it that we are so fast to pay a $500-$1,000 deductable on our car to get fixed, but so unwilling to pay a $10-$20 dollar co-pay to fix our body? I understand that if most people didn’t have a car they wouldn’t be able to do any of the things that I had listed above. Most will say if I don’t have a car I can’t get to work to get payed. I can’t get my kids to school or sports. I can’t pick up my parent from an appointment. But if you don’t have your health, would you be able to do any of these things anyway? Would you be able to play with your kids with low back pain or a sprained ankle? Would you be able to go to the gym to train? Would you be able to do things that you enjoy? The answer is NO! Why don’t we invest in our health like we do our cars? Is it because it’s not going to some physical presence that we can see or hold? Is it because we don’t feel the need to focus on ourselves? It’s a hard question to answer if you really think about it.

My answer is very simple. Because most people put their health aside to focus on other things. It’s not an issue of money, it’s an issue of value! People don’t see how much value that can come out of getting themselves well. People don’t see that if they invested a little into their body that they would be able to do all of the above activities and then some. Physical Therapy is a very valuable resource that most have no clue how to utilize! If you don’t know it will be more of the same. People will always put themselves last when it comes to their health, especially if there is a price on it. But let me just tell you this. You can get a car anytime you want, they come and go. You only get one body! The best thing to invest in in my opinion is your health and yourself!


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