Welcome to Nick Sivrich Physio and Wellness! I have created this site to help educate people as well as have them understand the value of what it is I do. Yes, I’m a physical therapist, but I help people manage their inability to do things. I educate them on what has happened to them and how we are going to get to the bottom of it. I help people get back to work, playing with their kids/grandkids, golf, exercise and many other things. Feel free to look around my site and contact me with any questions. I am here for you!



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Should I have an MRI first?

When most people have an injury, especially if it involves the neck or low back, they feel they need an MRI right away. Also, if a person is ordered to come to physical therapy after their injury without getting an MRI or some sort of advanced diagnostic testing they question why. These patients are usually … Continue reading Should I have an MRI first?

Is there a fountain of youth?

If you look all over the news especially on ESPN there is no way you are missing all the hype behind Tom Brady the quarterback of the New England Patriots. Now, let me preface that I am a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan and it pains me to even talk about him. But it is really … Continue reading Is there a fountain of youth?

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